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- Our Network Operations Center is served by two separate high-speed OC-48-capable fiber optic connections and utilizes multiple Tier-1 Internet backbone providers. The facility is fitted with waterless fire-supression systems, UPS and back-up generators, and environmental controls to ensure high-quality, uninterrupted service. The NOC is continuously monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We've taken several crucial measures to make our world-class network infrastructure reliable and secure.

- Tier-1 Peering: InterNAP's smart routing and the top 10 Tier-1 providers make our datacenter a reliable and efficient choice. The optimizing effects of our network architecture and advanced routing technologies dramatically boost performance.

- Physical security: The latest in camera systems monitors both interior and exterior facilities around the clock. Access is limited to authorized personnel only, and strictly enforced by electronic access cards, biometric scanning, and guards.

- Environmental control features: To reduce downtime, our centers feature advanced fire suppression systems, surge suppression, specialized heat and smoke sensors, separate fire zones below the floor and above the ceiling, raised flooring for improved server environment, as well as temperature, humidity, static and airborne particle controls.

- Redundant systems: We build in redundancy to ensure that your site is open for business. This includes Cisco routers, Layer 2 and 3 switches, our power system generator in addition to our regular grid electrical power, and our backbone. Each server is protected by our fire suppression system and multiple air conditioning systems. In addition, we keep a supply of drives, network cards, processors, motherboards and every other piece of equipment that has even a remote chance of failure.

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